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Giving Good Testimonials October 27, 2006

Posted by wnelson in BNI.

Jackie, Phil and I met last Friday night at the Brickhouse for happy hour drinks.  I would have counted it as a one-on-one, but after a little, I was seeing two.  Anyway, they are great people and funny.  Jackie’s boyfriend came too – a very nice guy.  If you guys want to have some fun, give Jackie or Phil a call!  They are so fun that I bet doing business with them is fun too!  You should do business with them – they are nice and fun! 

How’s that for a testimonial?  You think that Jackie or Phil are going to pick up any business from that?  In BNI, we are here to do business.  We give testimonials and referrals to each other to help each other achieve “better net income.”  Testimonials are used to help build credibility and reduce the “mistrust” to other associates so we feel comfortable doing business or referring business to the target of the testimonial.

A good testimonial is one that talks to how our associate’s product or service completely satisfied us personally or how someone we referred to the associate was satisfied completely.  We can talk about how difficult the problem was, how quickly our associate responded, how knowledgeable our associate was and how that helped…any of these.  But, the testimonial should be about their business, not how interesting and informative the one-on-one was or how fun they were. 

If I were giving a testimony for Jackie, here’s something I might say:  As you know, Jackie is with Liberty Mutual Insurance.  I have been with Liberty Mutual for over 25 years.  My father has insured with Liberty Mutual for over 40 years.  During that time, both of us have had several claims and never a problem recovering our claim.  I have shopped around from time to time with other insurance and have never found an equivalent policy cheaper from anyone.  And Jackie in particular, well, she is the only agent I know who still does house calls.  And she goes out of her way to make sure your insurance needs are covered but not over-covered.  If you haven’t asked Jackie to quote you insurance for your car and house, you’re probably spending too much!  And she is so easy to refer!  There is no downside for someone to talk with Jackie about their insurance needs.  She will either save you money or she won’t bother you again.

Make your testimonies specific about the business and how clients can benefit.  That’s how we help our associates to better net income. 



1. pickleblog - October 29, 2006

Some people have the idea that they are obligated to give out names, believing they are giving a referall. You “refer” people you have done business with because you believe they will not harm your reputation by doing so. In return you expect the person you gave the referall to treat it with respect. Don’t just give names – give a reason to use them as well. I wholeheartedly agree!

2. Bni Blog Digest - Giving Good Testimonials - October 29, 2006

I found this article very interesting and would like to include it in my blog.

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